I am a painter.The smell of Oil paint and thinner makes me crazy, No material is off limits to me in the art making process. As a perpetual thrill seeker, I find beauty in the architecture of movement. With a skydivers viewpoint of looking at the world from thousands of feet above, I explore urban structures and the figure from all angles, bringing everyday sites to the forefront and deconstructing them. With expressive use of brushstroke, play on perspective, and innovative juxtaposition of rich, sensual colors with industrial mixed media, my work evokes the gritty, borderline violent beauty inherent to New York City.

In and out of the studio, I like to explore. When the weather is good, you can catch me skydiving with my friends at the Blue Sky Ranch in Gardiner, New York. I also like to hang on Oahu, Hawaii where my friend Clint, his dog Ziggy,  and I go island hopping on his awesome boat, the Ever-ready. Skydiving on the North Shore of Oahu is epic.

I received a Bachelor of Fine Art from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California with honors in 1993. I studied with many incredible teachers at Art Center. During this time I lived in downtown Los Angeles. It was the stark realism and urban lifestyle of downtown LA that challenged and transformed my perspective on life and art. I currently reside in downtown New York City and paint on location in Hawaii several times a year.

I have shown works in galleries and venues throughout lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

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